Calvary Institute of Ministry

Calvary Institute of Ministry (CIM) is designed to provide instruction, guidance, and practical application for those who engage within the sphere of ministry within the local assembly. Those who are a part of this Institute will gain a greater understanding of the ministry to which they have been called. These sessions are geared towards empowering, equipping, and engaging Servant Ministry Leaders and Workers

Servant Ministry Leaders and Workers are required to attend these sessions. Sessions will commence twice a month (4th Saturdays). Servant Ministry Leaders and Workers are only allowed to miss two sessions. These sessions are NOT optional. Those individuals that choose not to attend will NOT be allowed to serve in ministry. Institute Sessions will commence February through July.

4th Saturdays | 10:30 AM

February 25

The Servant Ministry of Being an Armor Bearer/Adjutant

Text Material:
  • The Adjutant’s Manual: Serving the Men and Women of God in Today’s Church
    By Bishop Raymond Johnson
  • Vocati Ad Ministrandum 2nd Edition
    By Bishop J. Delano Ellis, II

March 25

The Work of the Ministry Manual

Text Material:
  • The Work of the Ministry Manual
    By Bishop Charles Brown

April 22

Ministerial Ethics

Text Material:
  • Ministerial Ethics: Moral Formation for Church Leaders
    By Joe E. Trull and James E. Carter
  • Ministerial Ethics and Etiquette
    By Nolan Harmon

May 27

Altar Workers 101

Text Material:
  • : Altar Workers Training Manual
    By John Whoolston
  • Altar Work 101
    By Rodney Lynch

June 24

Pastoral Care 101

Text Material:
  • How to Care for your Pastor: A Guide for Small Churches
    By Kent Philpott

July 22

Intercessory Prayer 101

Text Material:
  • Intercession 101
    By Taryn Ogunkoya